Antoine Giraud

Antoine is a Technical Writer, information developer and communications
specialist for Kongsberg Discovery Canada Ltd, a world leader in
acoustic technology for underwater intervention, deep sea construction,
marine engineering and site inspection, hydrography, ocean sciences
and defence applications. He holds a BA from the University of British
Columbia and a Professional Writing Diploma from Douglas College and
has published numerous articles on technology and the environment.

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Articles By Antoine Giraud

Optimising real-time dredge monitoring systems with acoustic sensors

Driven by an increasing population, global maritime trade activity is at an all-time high. To keep up with demand, larger vessels and expanded port facilities are being built. Larger vessels, particularly container vessels, often require multiple expansion projects, such as expanding turning basins, widening shipping channels and digging deeper berths. These port expansion projects often require dredging to ensure the upgraded facilities can handle vessels of any size. However, dredging in the maritime industry is continuous, expensive and resource intensive. To meet evolving demands while remaining economically viable, tools that increase dredging efficiency need to be evaluated and incorporated into dredging operations.

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