Joppe Vugts

Joppe has a bachelor’s degree in civil
engineering from Avans University of
Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.
In recognition of his achievements, he
received the National Hydraulic Engineering
Prize 2024 for the most innovative and
valuable bachelor’s thesis. Joppe is
currently doing a bridging year at Delft
University of Technology before starting a
master's degree.

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Articles By Joppe Vugts

Dealing with computational innovation in dyke reinforcement projects
Authors: Joppe Vugts

Since 2023, the Dutch government no longer prescribes which calculation models must be used in the assessment of dykes. The water boards themselves must determine which method they use to calculate the probability of flooding. This enables the development of calculation innovations. Following various dyke assessments, the largest safety risk is caused by the failure modes of slope stability and piping, therefore substantial investment is being made to better understand these failure modes. In our research, we found a way to deal with computational innovation in dyke reinforcement projects by applying specific innovations and looking at their general implementation.

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