Conference: ‘Integrating Dredging in Sustainable Development’

IADC and PIANC organise a one-day conference in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 18 October. As a distinguished professional, working in the fast changing world of dredging, waterborne transport infrastructure or related industries, you are invited to join us at an event on 18 October 2024 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam which is dedicated to advancing industry knowledge in […]

IADC Seminar on Dredging and Reclamation held from 18-22 November 2024 in Abu Dhabi

To optimise the chances of the successful completion of a project, contracting parties should, from the start, fully understand the requirements of a dredging project. IADC’s five-day seminar strives to provide an understanding of the basics of dredging through lectures and workshops which are given by industry experts in a classroom setting for a hands-on […]

New paper: Integrating dredging in sustainable development

Based on the Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure book, IADC publishes a paper on Integrating dredging in sustainable development which is based on the book.

Integrating dredging in sustainable development

The paper Integrating dredging in sustainable development outlines the philosophy and concepts of sustainability and its application to water infrastructure projects focusing on practical issues for dredging.

IADC Young Author Award not granted in 2023

The submitted papers did not have the quality required to grant the 2023 Young Author Award.