IADC is dedicated to not only promoting the skills, integrity and reliability of its members, but also the dredging industry in general. IADC has over one hundred main and associated members. Together they represent the forefront of the dredging industry.


  • to inform the world about the fundamental need for dredging and the economic, social, technological and environmental benefits thereof;
  • to improve the international business climate for the private dredging industry;
  • to promote fair contract conditions and fair competition within the dredging markets;
  • to promote worldwide the Standards of Professional Conduct which form the basis for all members’ operations;
  • to promote the industry as an innovative industry with attractive career opportunities.

In order to fulfil IADC’s mission IADC assumes five important roles:


IADC aims to serve as a quality label. It encourages its members to establish common standards and a high level of conduct in their worldwide operations. In this context, IADC assists in the implementation of sound tendering practices and the use of standard contract conditions for the industry. And IADC also supports sound environmental practices and the use of representative classifications systems for dredging equipment and for soils and rocks.


IADC represents the common interests of its members at supra-governmental and legislative bodies, international non-governmental organisations, international conferences and exhibitions. IADC even assists in the conceptualization of treaties and conventions relevant to the dredging industry. Specifically IADC defends the interests of its members regarding intellectual property. More generally, IADC promotes free competition, the opening up of protected markets and the conversion of state-owned authorities into private entities, and private/public cooperation.


IADC seeks to establish dynamic co-operation amongst parties involved in dredging. Specifically, between international companies and local dredging companies, and between private companies and public authorities. IADC also organises international conferences and seminars for third parties or assists such parties in organising dredging-related events.


IADC promotes the field of dredging as a career choice. In co-operation with educational institutions, IADC organises dredging seminars, assists in developing dredging-related curricula, and presents awards to students and other young people. In general, IADC supports the development of dredging-related educational materials for all age groups.


IADC publishes and supports the publication of literature and audio-visual materials pertinent to dredging, aimed at a variety of target groups.
The International Association of Dredging Companies is the trade association for international private dredging and maritime construction contractors. The dredging industry is a highly competitive industry. Still, international contractors share common interests as expressed in IADC’s mission. To represent these interests, IADC was established in 1965 by the main international dredging contractors at that time.

IADC is an association according to Dutch law. The Dutch legal system recognises the constitutional right of association and of assembly. As a trade association, IADC is a non-profit-making organisation and the fees from membership contributions are intended to cover the necessary expenses of operation. The work of IADC is accomplished through working groups of experts drawn from member companies and through its Secretariat.

IADC’s General Meeting gathers annually and forms the legislative body of the Association. IADC is governed by a Board of Directors with representatives of different member companies.

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